Wednesday, February 27, 2008

'kay, let's go. What this BLOG is :

This blog will be:
Outside of the box. A hodge-podge. My deluge of personal whatever. All the stuff I’ve wanted to start different blogs about over the last few years but never got around to. All mashed into one:

Life with ADHD. Getting in touch with, and facing the reality of my life and the bane of my existence. The dance with MEDS. The gifts and curses that accomp- ooooo! Look at that!
S h i n y!

Parenting. (Disclaimer: Mommies and daddies beware-I choose to swear! This is my place to let out the “Mommy” words I withhold from the kids.)

Life in Alaska.

Artistic endeavors. Getting back in touch with my photographer within. Starting on a journey with my friends, the acrylic paints. Makin' toys.

Perhaps a splash of politics and social activism? A dash of massage therapy anecdotes? A splidge of catty gossip about the train wrecks in Hollywood?

It'll be a more RAW place then over at my "nice" blog.

Who knows, we’ll see.

Journaling, for me, has often become the thing I’ll “get to tomorrow”. So now ‘tis the proverbial TOMORROW and I make my latest attempt. No! Perhaps I should take The Secret route and put out the statement, “I am now a blogger!” I’ve long known the value of journaling-a vehicle for expression, thought process/organization, a place of release, a written history….. I’ve made a few earnest attempts but journaling always fell by the wayside. It s always became more of a chore because I’m not able to write as fast as the thoughts spill but a switch in the routine of my life was usually to blame. Being ADD I find it so hard to get back in the swing of things after a monkey wrench has been thrown in. I think I’ve tended to revert back to older routines that brought comfort until the stress of the situation subsides, thus eschewing the journal. To this day I still love to look back at the few bits and pieces of my past that I managed to put down on paper. I’ve always really dug comparing and contrasting who I was and who I have evolved into. Now with the power of my henpecking at the keyboard-WAAAAY faster than handwriting in the pretty leather bound book-I commit myself to exposing the bacchanalia in my brain in cyber space. Perhaps a stranger or three, and maybe my spawn after I’m dead, will read this. And if anyone can take away a wee gem of benefit, groovy.