Thursday, April 24, 2008

oooooooo! Bad bastard cats!

Bad, BAD wayward shit cats ! These two

are about to have their heads handed to them. Look at them! They know what they did...
I was cleaning up LO’s room and discovered that someone had decided to turn her basket of play silks into a litter box. Nasty little poos and sprinklin’s of pee all over LO’s beloved silkies. FANTASTIC, guys!

So I throw them into a basin and drown them(No, not the cats, the silks) in anti-cat pee juice and of course the colors start to bleed immediately even though I’ve washed them a million times. I quickly separate them out from each other. But not before they stained the washing machine though!!!
What by the jeezus is IN those silks?!?!?! LO and I finished washing each separate one in the basin outside- OH YEAH!!!! IT’S 52 degrees and SUNNY out TODAY!!!!! SPRING DONE SPRUNG!!!!- and hung them on the line to dry. Some are fine and some are now fuckin’ tie-dyed.


Well it’s my own damn fault. My least favorite chore? CAT CRAPPER. I thought, ”Oh, they’ll be fine until I can get a new box of litter in the morning. It's not so bad in there.” Uh-duh. Poor innocent silkies. Besides sticks and rocks, play silks are the BEST child’s toy. Versatile, portable, totally open ended, comforting... play silks. Which leads to my reparation for my cat box irresponsibility. I shall share the love and pass on a great web site-in case anyone cares- that sells raw white silkies on the SUPER CHEAP!
DHARMA TRADING. I think you can get a silk for like $3 bucks. Just like Sarah’s silks. And it’s so fun to dye them with the kiddos.

Cuz now our silks are fresh as a day in May....


Top_Drawer said...

Very cute kittens, I have two, no, three cats of my own.

~Phaedra~ said...

Very funny stuff. I like your style!! Will pop you into my blog list to stay in touch!

steve said...

there is no such thing as "anti-cat pee juice," unless one imagines kryptonite to be water-soluble. my previous cats came from a fine old famly, but quickly turned litter-box-agnostic. before the last one expired, 14 years later, they'd perfected a theory of literary criticism based on altitude (piss on everything on the bottom shelf), and turned an 85-year-old Karistan rug paisley.

Anonymous said...

Aren't cats the cutest most evil creatures to ever purr at you? Our fat cat is only still here cos he's cute, it sure ain't cos of much else.